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Theme Settings

As soon as you install one of our theme, you have several theme settings that we want to introduce here.

Warp General Theme Settings


The general section allows you to edit the “global” settings of your website: Set the default theme profile, allow dynamic profiles, show a browser upgrade message to someone still using a IE6 browser or add your personal Google Tracking Code.


You can combine, minify, cache and compress (gzip) style sheets and JavaScripts of a theme automatically. Further you can enable the Data URIs feature which allows you to include images in the CSS so there are no extra HTTP requests required to load them.

Social Buttons

You want to promote your content on Twitter or Google+? Just enable Social Buttons in the theme settings and every article will get Twitter and Google+ buttons to share with others.

File Verification

The file verification feature helps you to easily keep track of all modified theme files. With just a click it can tell you exactly which theme files have been modified or deleted, even a few weeks or months later when you might have forgotten that you have changed something somewhere! To prevent modified files when using FTP, make sure the transfer mode is set to binary.

System Check

The system check gives you a rapid overview of critical and potential issues like writable cache folder, php version etc. so you can handle errors faster.

Contact Us

If you have a question about our themes, please feel free to contact us!



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